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LOOK.What a wonderful journey we had walked together, fandom.
We watched them grow up.

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mangacap (x)


I had to draw Sasuke’s new design because it’s really strange for me and I couldn’t imagine in my style XD honestly, I don’t know where is Kishi’s idea came from..>.> I want to see the full sketches too… 

but Sasuke is Sasuke and I’ll always love him c: <33


someone drew naruto on the board in the honors commons :0



it kind of bothers me that after all this time people still dont understand how sorting works in harry potter

its not necessarily based on the characteristics you possess, its the ones you value, and that my friends is completely different. that is why the sorting hat considers your choice, otherwise why would he bother with your opinion

primary examples would be hermione, wormtail and lockhart

see also: neville

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Magic Mike rivamika



Magic Mike: a scene which takes place in a stripclub

He wonders what he loses first—his pride or his money as both slip past his fingers at the expense of crisp, neatly folded bills and shame buries itself in the spaces between his knuckles; shame in the way he tucks the dollar in the curve of the girl’s corset, shame in how tightly he has to clench his hand as her hips begin to swivel and turn. By nature, there is little attire, little formalities, and much to give at a certain price. This is everything but a show and more a game he is destined to lose, as the girl dips towards the floor, fingers wound around the pole within reach, legs wrenched apart with poison, and malice and sweet sin across her lips. She smiles with all the teeth of a predator and less demure of a seductress, swinging her head back and forth and all he can think is that he would pay a little extra for this kind of Hell. 


This was supposed to be a 69 min prompt but it got out of hand. The theme was tattoos. I’m not a big fan of tattoos but I think that Rin looks really good with them. Based off of this idea and this one.

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I could do it

Leo whispers to himself

I could just snatch it and run

Premium Collaboration - Naruto and Dragonball Crossover

by Masashi Kishimoto & Akira Toriyama

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